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 Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Rules and Information   Rules and Information Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2014 5:35 am

Hello and welcome to this forum. I thought that it would be a fun thing for everyone to do. If you don't know online role playing is sort of like writing a story, but everyone is writing parts of the story from their own characters perspective.

So firstly you need to create a character. You create a character on the characters section. you don't have to tell us everything about the character but some basic information would be nice. Then based on what kind of story you will introduce your character to that world though a post on the actual role play post. Examples will exist.


  • Please try to be serious, by that I mean you as yourself if your character goes insane that's fine by me

  • Have some fun

1. No talking out of character UNLESS you use this format ((OOC "Message" ))
2. No time travel (unless the role play allows it) we want everyone is the present tense
3. No connections with other characters unless they have confirmed this is okay.
4. You cannot be godmode (i.e. no weapons of mass destruction, invincibility)
5. No force RPing (you cannot control another person)
6. No killing (you cannot kill another character without there OOC character consent
7. In battle the character being attacked gets to choose what happened to them, and the person getting attacked must be hurt someway (though you can dodge for a while)
8. You cannot have special powers/weapons that have not been posted in your character sheet and confirmed by Admin.
9. When in conversation you cannot make characters agree/disagree to things you say
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Rules and Information
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